I am very excited to have the opportunity to join the management team at Safe and Sound.

I have worked at Safe and Sound for nine years across a wide range of roles. This has never been ‘just a job’ for me, it has been a purpose. Working at Safe and Sound is a path of constant learning.
There is never a time or a day where I have not learned something new, every day, every young person, every family brings something different. The exploitation of children can destroy their lives
leaving permanent scars that have a far-reaching impact on the child, those around them and the communities and wider societies in which they live. It can and often does take everything.
I have an amazing and passionate team of caseworkers, youth workers and volunteers that understand this deeply, know every interaction with a young person or family can have a positive
impact and tirelessly seek out creative ways to protect and connect with all our children and communities to fight this abuse.

This is a challenging and emotional job for them, and I feel truly honoured and excited to support them and support their work vital work in this vibrant city to help change lives. Additionally, our service increasingly seeks to expand it’s working practices to meet the individual needs of families and young people holistically and well into their futures, this to me feels dynamic and full of opportunities to drive change, reduce exploitation and reach more people. It is a wonderful opportunity to be part of leading Safe and Sound’s future.