I’m from a business

Coming together is a beginning – working together is a success. Henry Ford said that, and as any Mondeo owner will tell you, he knew a thing or two about success.

There are many ways your company can support the life changing work of Safe and Sound, financial and non-financial.

Charity of the Year

Make us your chosen charity for the company or a local branch. Partnering together over a longer time period means you’ll be able to make a bigger difference and learn more about our vital work.

See our Fundraising Pack for ideas to try throughout the partnership.

Selling smiles: Cause Marketing

Do you have a product or a service we can work together on that benefits both of us? Research shows that more than half of all consumers are willing to pay extra for products that support charitable causes – 2/3 say that the charitable support a company gives influences whether they accept a job offer.  We can help with promotion and PR opportunities – have a look at our existing partners                      

Donate Time, Skills or Products

Could you donate your time, rather than money? There are many aspects of our work that could benefit from some external skills and a fresh pair of eyes.

Do you have a product we might be able to use as part of our work?

You can also get tax relief on the cost of the products you give away.

Matched Giving

Are your employees fundraising? Offer to match their donations, £ for £. You can set an upper limit so it doesn’t get too costly!

This is a proven method to encourage more and larger donations, when people know it’s going to be matched by the firm.

Making a donation in this way also means you’ll pay less Corporation Tax.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship allows us to keep costs low- either by offsetting event costs, or helping to pay for materials we use.

In return we can offer bespoke PR opportunities, and you’ll be able to deduct any sponsorship payments from your Business Profits and pay less tax. Talk to us to find out more.