Our participation group supports our work and gives us a youth voice.

They are currently supporting a national participation project on the rights of young people sexually abused or exploited for the Association for Young People’s Health. They have also had a voice.

 “I didn’t know about all the rights and it was a shock to see how many rights children have. When you hear about people’s rights you never hear about the rights for children, it’s always the rights for adults.”

Four young people from our youth club participation group helped with the co-design of our new interactive resource house assisting with both the purpose and the design of the rooms(due for launch later this month).

Two young people from this group wrote some questions for us to use throughout our recruitment process for new case workers. Three young people assisted with the design of the logo and publicity material for the city’s Safe Places project led by Safe and Sound in collaboration with the city council.

Ten young people took part in the city’s young person’s voice consultation event around young people’s rights in the city. They helped make the Youth Alliance youth voice documentary. They were involved in the Youth Voice project provided by Derby Theatre where they discussed and decided on a topic which they felt passionate about – they chose Equality. They then worked with a Laura who works in theatre, and Joe who is a music producer and DJ to create an art form to represent their topic. They ended their project with one rap and two separate dances exploring equality and sexism.

“I have enjoyed everything, studio, dancing booth and looking around- best 2 days ever in my life and gifts and cake.”

“I loved dancing and painting everything basically.”

“I have met new people and met Molly from three girls because the series she did helped me a lot.

Two young people were young people advocates for the city’s place-based risk (contextual safeguarding) seminar in October 2021. They are part of the co-production of the young person part of the strategy with young people from other organisations in the city.