Our History


Since 2002, we have been tackling child sexual exploitation by providing high quality tailored one-to-one support to victims and young people at risk in Derby and Derbyshire. From 2019, whilst maintaining our specialism in sexual exploitation, we have expanded our services to include all forms of exploitation. Our vital work ensures that individuals receive the support they need to move forwards in their lives.

Our Core Focuses:


By raising awareness of risks and adjusting potentially harmful behaviours at an early stage, we can prevent exploitation ever happening – avoiding a devastating experience for the child and their family.


Positive, safe activities for young people to get involved with beyond our intervention work – a mixture of sports, arts, music, gardening and everything inbetween. These sessions give young people the opportunity to socialise safely with their peers, build their resilience and develop new skills.


Where potential issues are identified that need further support, our specialist workers will give direct one-to-one support to the child and family to address them, typically over 6-9 months. This can include a wide range of problems from low self esteem, school absenteeism, going missing from home or talking to strangers online.


Next steps support beyond exploitation issues which can help young people adjust to life as an adult, including lifeskills work such as cooking, exercise or budgeting and finances, alongside support into work or education such as interview preparation, CV writing or job applications.

Our Vision 

A world where children and young people are free from exploitation.

Our Mission 

To transform the lives of children and young people in Derbyshire who are affected by child exploitation.

Through delivering innovative, hands-on programmes, Safe and Sound enables children, young people, families and carers, whose lives are affected deeply by their experience of child exploitation, to move not just to a place of safety, but to emerge unshackled and undefined by their experiences and enabled to reach their full potential. Safe and Sound have over eighteen years specialism in supporting children and young people affected by sexual exploitation and have now expanded their services to those affected by all criminal exploitation.

Our Values

We are empowering:
Safe and Sound empowers children and young people, families, carers, staff and volunteers to work together to transform young lives affected by child exploitation.

We take the initiative:
Safe and Sound takes a leading role in transforming young lives affected by child exploitation. 

We challenge others:
Safe and Sound is unafraid of challenging the status quo and giving a voice to victims of child exploitation.

We are always learning:
Safe and Sound shares learning and builds on its knowledge, experience and on evidence to influence change.

We achieve these focuses through the following services we currently offer:

Our Services:


Our awareness sessions are delivered to schools, families, community groups and professionals. By raising awareness we can help prevent exploitation occurring.

One to One Support

For children or young people who are at risk of being exploited, we give them a dedicated support worker who works with them individually to address their risk factors.

Disruption & Youth Work

Complimenting our support services, our Youth Work team will introduce children and young people to positive activities like sport or music enabling them to socialise in a safe environment and build their resilience to risk.


Some children and young people who have had their risk of exploitation addressed still need further help. Our transition process provides them with life skills, mentoring and a longer period of help as they move back to normal day to day life.


In partnership with the University of Derby, our Education Worker will develop new resources and offer educational sessions with a real focus on hard to reach groups and those with special educational needs or a disability. This will include a greater presence online. By improving understanding at an early stage, we can help keep the most vulnerable children and young people safe.

Family Support

Our independent family support service recognises the impact that exploitation can have on the whole family. This work helps families to understand what has happened to their child, provides them with emotional and practical help and empowers families to work with us to disrupt exploitation whilst ensuring their wider needs are met.


Outreach enables us to engage children and young people who might otherwise struggle to access our services or don't know about the support we can offer. By being visibile in the community we can actively raise our profile with children and young people whilst also discouraging potential predators.

Training Professionals

For many years we have been keen to share our experiences and best practice ideas with other professionals working in Childrens Services and related professions


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