Highlight the charity’s work amongst their own networks. By raising the profile of Safe & Sound and encouraging open discussion about the difficult topic of child exploitation, they help us to raise awareness and encourage support for our vital work.


Supported by Safe and Sound after being targeted by online groomers.  The teenager has already shared her story in the hope of encouraging other young people to improve their privacy settings online and her future input will include raising awareness of Exploitation and the charity in local communities.

Molly Windsor – Actress

Safe and Sound’s work is really close to my heart. In 2018 I was in the BBC drama ‘Three Girls’ which was based on the true stories of grooming and sexual abuse in Rochdale between 2008 and 2012. This was around the same time as Operation Retriever in Derby and Safe and Sound was instrumental in supporting all of the children who were harmed by the men who ended up being jailed for a total of 22 years for 70 offences. I hope you will join me in supporting their new Butterfly Appeal and help children to build stronger wings.

Claire Morrison – Ambassador 

Claire Morrison first starting supporting Safe and Sound raise its social media presence whilst previously working for digital marketing agency Creationz Marketing. Claire is now a Social Media Specialist at Boots Opticians and volunteers her time as an Ambassador for Safe and Sound to support the organisation with their marketing strategy, design work and raising awareness in the city.

Claire also supports with fundraising and has previously taken part in the Derby 10k and raised over £600 to support children and young people affected by exploitation.Claire Morrison first starting supporting Safe and Sound raise its social media presence whilst previously working for digital marketing agency Creationz. Claire is now a Social Media Specialist at Boots Opticians and volunteers her time as an Ambassador for Safe and Sound to support the organisation with their marketing strategy, design work and raising awareness in the city.

Persha Ward – Ambassador

Mother-of-two Persha Ward runs her own business administration business and management company and was supported by Safe and Sound as a teenager. Prior to Persha’s ambassador role, she has supported Safe and Sound with administrative work and by volunteering her time to support young people as part of our Outreach programme.

Persha said: “I have been determined that my experiences as a teenager would not define my whole life. When I was 13 I didn’t think I was worth anything and certainly would not have thought that I could have gone onto have two wonderful children and my own business.

“My message to young people – whatever their experiences – is therefore to listen to the people who can help – which in my case was Safe and Sound.
“It is important to remember that, however dreadful things feel today, it is not the end of the world and that there is always the chance to build a good life.”

Amanda Strong – Mercia Image Print

My heart lies with charities that support children and young people and work to make their lives better. That is why I have always supported Safe and Sound and they were one of the recipients of Mercia Image Print’s 30 days of giving initiative.

Nadia Jane Asamoah – Ambassador

Entrepreneur Nadia Jane Asamoah quite literally jumped at the chance to become an Ambassador for Safe and Sound as her own business and the charity share the same child- focused ethos. Nadia runs Nadia Jane Performing Arts in Green Lane, Derby, where hundreds of young people – boys and girls – have trained over the years in a wide range of dance and performing arts disciplines. But the academy is more than a dance school – it is a second home and much-needed safe space for many of the young people who regard Nadia, her team and fellow pupils as family.

“I have really valued getting involved with Safe and Sound over recent times including being part of the Safe Derby project which focused on raising awareness about violence against women and girls in public places. “Now, as an official Ambassador for Safe and Sound, I aim to raise awareness of the dangers of grooming and child exploitation to all the families and young people that we come into contact with. “It is also good to have access to an established network of professionals who can offer additional support to young people that we come in contact with if needed. “I hope that some of the children and young people who Safe and Sound support will also be able to join our youth groups and classes.

“Dance and performing arts are fantastic ways to boost self confidence, self esteem and communication skills. This not only reduces vulnerability to grooming and exploitation but are also transferable skills to improve job prospects in the future. “By working alongside an amazing charity like Safe and Sound, I hope that we can help many more children and young people in the coming years to ensure they are safe, happy and fulfilled as they move into adulthood.”


Senior university lecturer Bev Crighton has been involved with Safe and Sound for many years ever since her suspicions were aroused about the safety and wellbeing of a young student. Bev had recently joined the University of Derby Business School and became concerned about one of
her tutees.

My senses were heightened as I witnessed exploitation and abuse of my peers whilst at boarding school as a teenager and know how hard it is to pluck up the courage to talk about what is going on.“My student was making passing comment about what she did at the weekends and I knew I had to
help her to open up so I looked into local charities and organisations to see if there was anyone I could talk to for advice. I saw that Safe and Sound had an information evening and I suggested that we both go together on the pretence of finding out about volunteering opportunities. Learning more about exploitation and what help was available encouraged the student to gradually open up and it turned out that it was actually her little sister who had been groomed and abused.

Safe and Sound were a huge support and I have remained close to the charity ever since. As well as lecturing in Business Management at the University of Derby, Bev is currently employability lead in the education department at Derby County in the Community Trust (DCCT) as well as deputy chair of Erewash Partnership and an active member of the DCFC women’s board. I have been involved in a wide range of charities and organisations over the years with a strong focus on young people and families in need and I am delighted to now be in a formal ambassadorial role with Safe and Sound. I am in a privileged position in life with jobs that I love and a strong network so I try to utilise this to support causes that I am passionate about.

Safe and Sound chief executive Tracy Harrison said:

“Talking about child exploitation is not an easy conversation but it is vital that everyone is aware of the dangers facing our children and young people both online and in our local communities. No child is safe from exploitation. It is therefore vital that we raise awareness of this issue across our wider communities and our Ambassadors have an important role to play in spreading the word. We are extremely grateful for their support and I also hope that raised awareness will also encourage more groups, businesses and individuals to support our Butterfly Appeal so that we can continue to support children and young people who need our help.”


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